health care proposal

my health care proposal


Logopedical Therapie in NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES

  • speech disorders (Aphasie, Dysphasie)
  • Speaking difficulties (Dysarthrie)
  • Swallowing difficulties (Dysphagie)
  • Voice-related problems (Dysphonie)

Stroke, dementia, multiple sclerosis, persistent vegetative state, Parkinson’s syndrome, Facialis paresis and Amyotrophe Lateralsklerose (ALS)

Logopedical Therapie in case of swallowing difficulties by varying origin

  • with intensive-medical treatment -artificial respiration (Intubation)
  • Tracheostoma
  • after operations (such as in neck, face, mouth, lung, thyroid)
  • after radiotherapy in case of tumour illnesses (e.g. , neck, face, mouth, lung)
  • in psychiatric diseases

Logopedical Therapie in case of voice disorder by varying origin

  • In diseases of Laryngeal area
  • after operations (such as Recurrensparese)
  • after Intubation
  • after excessive strain (functionally dysphonia)

further logopedical Therapie range

  • stutter

I like to use the techniques of  Tellington TTouch for You’
for the support of the classic logopedical work.

Tellington TTouch for You’

  • for the improved performance and regeneration in the top-level sport
  • acute and chronic pain therapy
  • regaining ability to move
  • N. Vargus work

Help with support from the Tellington work

  • Tinnitus
  • Reflux