To have a language and able to speak, understand and understand means communication – communication is our life.

Speech therapists are the appropriate specialists for breathing, voice, speech, language, listening, swallowing, reading and writing. People of all ages – from infants to adults – can benefit from logoptic services.

(Logopädic Austria)

I believe it is important to try to take every opportunity to offer the logopedic therapy forms.
I am specialized in the development of changes caused by neurological events or surgical interventions in speech, speech, breathing and swallowing, and to work with an appropriate therapy for improvement.

The goal is to initiate a positive change and work to ensure that everyday life can be managed again.
A therapy unit has the duration of one hour.

You need a permit from the GP, ENT or neurologist for: 10 x logopedic therapy every 60 minutes (with a house visit).
This must be approved by the head physician of your health insurance, so that you can receive a refund of 2/3 of the costs.

I like to take care of their personal time resources.